Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mason Jar Lamp: Part 2

After finishing the base to the lamp, I have been working on making a shade for the lamp. I used one part from the old lampshade that I took apart in the last post.  I tore the lampshade apart and took out the wire frame to attach my new shade to the lamp.

I decided to use some nice scrapbooking paper for the shade, but I first used construction paper to determine the shape and size that I wanted my lampshade to be. Once I decided, I used this paper to make a template for my lampshade. (If you want to try to make this, let me know and I can post my template on here.) I used double-sided tape to tape two large pieces of scrapbooking paper together and then traced my template on the backside of the paper and cut it out.

Next, I taped the edges together to complete the lampshade and then placed it on top of the ring.

I could have glued or taped the ring onto the shade, but I wanted to be able to replace it if I decide to later.

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