Where to Buy Mason Jars?

The best crafts are done with supplies on hand, but if you don’t have extra mason jars around the house you can buy them pretty cheaply in stores or online.

  • I buy new jars at a local specialty shop. It is an old fashioned hardware store with a great selection of canning supplies. You can check your local dollar stores or Walmart. Some Walmart stores have mason jars at a good price; however they do not stock them in all of their stores. (The Walmart near my house does not usually carry them.) If you place an order online they will ship it to the store for free within 7-10 days.
  • If you get lucky you can find some great deals at thrift stores or garage sales. When reusing jars for canning food, be sure to use new lids to create a tight seal. You can easily purchase new lids in stores or online.

  • I also save my jars from pasta sauce. Classico Pasta sauce comes in great large mouth jars that are perfect for reusing.

  • There are many sources of jars online, but make sure you factor the cost of shipping into your purchase. Amazon has a good price and depending on your order can get free shipping.